The Best Geeky Garden Décor on Amazon

After a jam packed, adventure laden Spring Break, we’re back with brand new content! If you’re like me, you have been counting down the days until the arrival of warmer weather and the opportunity to work on your outdoor living spaces. Whether you live in an apartment, or have a big back yard, you canContinue reading “The Best Geeky Garden Décor on Amazon”

Co-Op PC Games for Couples: Start a LAN Party with the One you Love

Its true that couples who have hobbies and interests in common tend to be pretty happy. You enjoy spending time together, bonding over your shared passion. And, what better time to talk about “lighting the fire of passion” than right before Valentines Day! If you are here, its probably because, like me and my significantContinue reading “Co-Op PC Games for Couples: Start a LAN Party with the One you Love”

Ring Fit Adventure: Game Your Way to Fitness

Welcome back to our January theme “Respawn Point”. We are starting fresh in 2021 and finding geeky ways to start healthy new routines. If you haven’t seen our other posts this month, feel free to check them out. We have been talking about improving our health, both mental and physical. As we wrap up theContinue reading “Ring Fit Adventure: Game Your Way to Fitness”