Co-Op PC Games for Couples: Start a LAN Party with the One you Love

Its true that couples who have hobbies and interests in common tend to be pretty happy.

You enjoy spending time together, bonding over your shared passion.

And, what better time to talk about “lighting the fire of passion” than right before Valentines Day!

If you are here, its probably because, like me and my significant other, you are passionate gamers!

Whether you’re looking to play video games together for the first time, or you are a seasoned gamer couple looking for a new purchase to shake things up, I’m here to help.

This list is going to focus exclusively on Co-Op games.

These are games where the players are working together towards a common goal. As Dungeons and Dragons players, we are huge fans of Co-Op games. I find that they work as sort of a team building exercise, allowing you to practice problem solving skills and relish in victory together!

I have broken this list down into several categories because there are a lot of different styles of games that fall under the umbrella of “Co-Op”. Some games can fall under more than one category, of course, but I tried to keep true to the general feel of each game.

Whatever your combined gaming style, I guarantee there is a game out there for every couple!

So lets get started!


An MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game is… well basically that! It is played online in an open world format. Thousands of people can be on the server at any given time, and you can group up to do quests or raids or just run around and explore. There are small story lines, as well as a general, over-arching theme in the world, but you have a lot of freedom to do what you would like.


DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online)

This is a Dungeons and Dragons themed MMO that has been around for a very long time. Because of this, you don’t need the latest and best graphics card to play it, which makes it a great option for beginners. And they are still coming out with new content!

The story lines are fantastic and the classes/races and builds are all based on the pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons game. If you are looking to scratch that itch because you can’t get together for a regular DnD session with friends, this game is the perfect opportunity to explore the worlds of Ebberon and Forgotten Realms with the one you love.

Star Wars the Old Republic

While this game has also been around for a while, the return of Star Wars to mainstream media with The Mandalorian may mean its time to give this one a go!

While I’m not a fan of some of their new content (why would you put so much single player content into an MMO?? Just make a separate single player game!), their original story lines from levels 1-50 are absolutely classic.

You can play dark side or light side and you can be one of 4 unique classes in each! Each class has its own story line that takes them around the galaxy. The story lines are so good, its worth playing through each one!

Every world also has its own story arch that you and your partner can do together.

It is strongly story driven in that the decisions you make as a character effect what happens next, which I really love.


If you are looking for something a little more “intimate”, a survival game may be just the thing!

In a survival game, you and your partner are working to build, gather resources, and fend off attackers as you fight to survive under extraordinary circumstances.

These games work well because there is usually an allocation of responsibilities as you play, which means you can just focus on the part of the game you like, and your partner can focus on the part they like, but you are both still working towards the same goal.



In this survival game you guys are… you guessed it… on a raft. You must travel around a world almost completely covered by ocean and inhabited by carnivorous animals, to find resources to eat, drink, and build onto your raft. As you explore and find islands, you begin to find clues about why the world is in its current state and hints of a secret place of safety.

I love that this game has just enough story to make you want to learn more.

You are also, literally, stuck together, so no one can go and wonder off on their own. You have to work together, for better or worse!

Also, watch out for sharks.

Conan Exiles

The only negative thing I can say about Conan Exiles is that I wish there was more of it.

The developers are coming out with new content all the time, so it is a game that just keeps getting better.

It is based on Conan the Barbarian (and yes, you get to actually meet him).

You start off the game with absolutely nothing. Like, for real, you are butt naked in a desert. So, it is a very… interesting… way to start.

Building bases and exploring the different biomes are both equally fun. The drastic change from biome to biome keeps the game fresh and engaging. And there are some really fun Boss Battles to be had.

The recent addition of pets has made the game increasingly interesting, but I look forward to playing again with more magic options as well as mounts for faster transportation.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed many hours of entertainment and I feel we got our moneys worth.


Turn-based games are games where combat is slowed down and each player and enemy take turns, one action at a time, until combat is resolved.

It is a more relaxing option for those couples who are looking to take things slow or for gamers who are easily overwhelmed and find themselves spamming keys hoping for the best!

Divinity Original Sin 2

The story line is interesting, and the characters are twisted and funny in an almost horrifying way at times. Your choices matter, making you feel like you are part of the story. It is wickedly entertaining. And the recent addition of voice acting to the dialog really bring the game to life.

As long as you save your game regularly (do NOT forget to do this), the combats are pretty low stress. Because while many are challenging, you can always go back to your last save point and try again.

One thing to watch out for: this game has area of effect spells that react off of each other and the environment. This means that, if you don’t notice your partner is standing in grease and you decide to cast a fire spell at the enemy next to them, you may be pulling out a resurrection scroll on your next turn.

While sometimes infuriating, the dynamic nature of the combats make them much more interesting!

Shadowrun Chronicals: Boston Lockdown

A game of covert ops and combat, Boston Lockdown is by far my favorite game in the Shadowrun series. It is a world where magic and Sci-Fi collide, so there is something for everyone!

Each mission is like a puzzle you have to solve. If you don’t enter the map from the right place, or fail to move at just the right moment, you might get caught by security and have to fight your way out!

The puzzle like nature of this game makes for interesting debate, and since combat is turn based, you can really get tactical.

Otherwise you better have a pretty big gun.

First Person Shooters

Speaking of guns, maybe you and your partner can take a chance on a first person shooter.

These games are fast paced yet cathartic in a “punching your pillow” kind of way.

You will usually be carrying a gun, or wielding a large melee weapon as you make your way through a dangerous world full of story and adventure.


Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is by far my favorite game in the Borderland series. The villain “Handsome Jack” and your trusty sidekick robot, Claptrap, both bring a sense of humor to the game that is uniquely Borderlands. I mean… there’s a unicorn named Buttstallion for heaven’s sake.

The DLC that you can purchase after you have finished the main story line is just as good. I especially love the one where Tiny Tina runs a Dungeons and Dragons game called “Badass and Bunkers”.


Parkouring ninja robots in space with guns and gorgeous customizable armor.

There is literally nothing not to love about that.

Dungeon Crawls

This final category encompasses those games that have a very simple, straight forward premise: beat the bad guy.

And, sometimes, you just don’t need more than that. These games are easy on the eyes and the psyche.

Relax. Kill bad guys. Get cool stuff.


For the King

Set off on your journey with your classic adventuring party, clearing the map of wicked creatures, finding secret dungeons, and saving the world.

The turn based combats are sometimes brutal, but the new armor and weapons you can get are worth the risk!

Just don’t stay out at night!

Lost Castle

In Lost Castle, you fight through level after level of dungeons, picking up loot with fresh new abilities as you go. Defeating the dungeon boss will unlock more loot options for your next run.

Your next run, you ask?

Yes. You will die. A lot.

That’s the point. Every time you die, you level up your characters abilities and you start again. Maybe you get a little farther the next time, but every run is a step closer to the end.

This one is wildly addicting, and it is worth it to make it to the finale!

All of the games listed here can be found on Steam for easy downloading!

I hope you found something that sounds fun for you and your partner to play together.

Enjoy sharing the adventure!

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