Ring Fit Adventure: Game Your Way to Fitness

Welcome back to our January theme “Respawn Point”. We are starting fresh in 2021 and finding geeky ways to start healthy new routines. If you haven’t seen our other posts this month, feel free to check them out. We have been talking about improving our health, both mental and physical.

As we wrap up the month, I am excited to tell you guys about a new game I bought for our Nintendo Switch.

The game is entitled “Ring Fit Adventure”. My favorite thing about this video game is how entertaining it is for kids. My school age daughter finds it really fun, giving her a very positive view of health and fitness. This also works out well for me. Normally, if I want to get through an entire workout without interruption, I have to exercise early in the morning, or late at night. This game makes working out a family activity!

So, how does it work?

The game comes with two pieces of equipment: A ring and a leg strap. The game walks you through how to wear and use these pieces appropriately using a model named “Tipp”. I found the instructions very easy to follow.

The Adventure Mode of the game opens on your anime-esque character finding a magical ring in a field. After freeing the ring (with a ring pull) you accidentally release a large (muscular) purple dragon who is obviously very into body building.

The ring tells you that the dragon, Dragaux, wants to take over the world with his dark influence. “Ring” asks for your help. He or she will work with you to get stronger so you can defeat Dragaux and save the universe!

Pretty simple right? It’s not the most complicated story line, but its honestly just enough to make it interesting to play and watch. Also, it makes the game work well for kids!

I appreciate the humor in Ring Fit. Dragaux is a steriotypical gym-bro who does things like 10,000 squats calling it a “warm-up”. And when he loses a turn in battle, it says he’s “working out while planning his next workout”. I mean… I never thought I would find a dragon in a tank top intimidating, but this dude is seriously tough.

Each level has you physically “run” the course by running in place. The landscape is easy on the eyes, very colorful and bright. And if you run fast enough your character’s hair turns to fire!

There are resistance arm exercises (ring pushes and pulls) to pick up coins, break boxes and jump along the way.

As you run, you come upon Dragaux’s minions which you have to beat in exercise battles. You start out with a handful of exercises to chose from that do different types of attacks. These include leg raises, squats and arm presses. Tipp walks you through the exercise, coaching you on form and speed. The better you do, the more damage you do! As you level up, you will unlock more exercises/attacks to use.

To defend against your attacker, you must engage your core while pressing the ring against your abs.

You will go through three levels in each world before having to face Dragaux head on in his stadium. These boss battles are a slightly more intense workout. You may need to spend “smoothies” (aka. health potions) to get through some of them! Each one is more complicated than the last, meaning you will have to use some strategy to defeat him. It makes the whole experience more surprising and engaging.

The game will keep track of all of your stats for you, so you can watch your progress. You can also set the difficulty level if things start becoming too easy or you are just having an off day.

Since we each have our own profile, we can see what level each family member is at in the game and motivate (aka. relentlessly tease) one another!

The mini games are a kid favorite as well. She especially likes the one where you work out with the resistance ring to the beat of the music cirqua Dance, Dance, Revolution or Guitar Hero.

That is a devil tail from her Halloween costume…

To play together, one of us will wear the equipment and we will either take turns cheering each other, or the other person will work out, doing the same moves, next to the player.

Ring Fit is a great addition to your at home exercise routine. The workouts include simple resistance training with full body exercises and cardio. You don’t have to own a bunch of bulky exercise equipment. This makes, the set up/clean up quick and easy! You don’t need a ton of floor space to work with. We play in our living room and don’t even bother moving furniture around.

I would absolutely recommend picking this one up. It works for people of every age and fitness level. We even got my mom to play! Here is are the links to get everything you need!

And if you have a really little one who wants to join in:

Over the next few months when its super cold and hard to work out outside, and you may be avoiding a crowded gym due to Covid, this is the perfect way for you and your family to stay active and motivated from the comfort of home!

Happy gaming!

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