The Best Geeky Garden Décor on Amazon

After a jam packed, adventure laden Spring Break, we’re back with brand new content!

If you’re like me, you have been counting down the days until the arrival of warmer weather and the opportunity to work on your outdoor living spaces.

Whether you live in an apartment, or have a big back yard, you can create your own little nerdy oasis right outside your door.

Here are some of my favorite Geeky Garden decor ideas!

To start off, why not get a fresh and doormat that fits your personality? These things get worn out so quickly. It is a super easy way to clean up the look of your front porch and entryway!

Here is a very welcoming one with a quote from “The Hobbit”

And here is one with more of a funny Dungeons and Dragons vibe!

Nothing brings a little personality to your garden like an adorable statue or two!

I absolutely cannot wait to get this little dragon to set next to one of the trees in my backyard!

And this little Groot planter is the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor dining table.

If gnomes are your thing, Amazon has you covered!

This itty bitty zombie is ready to display your Living Dead obsession.

Meanwhile, this little guy has fought his way to the Iron Throne.

No fantasy garden would be complete without a few fairies milling about, causing mischief!

You can turn one of your trees into an adorable fairy cottage. Just… maybe put it on a different tree than the peeing dragon… no sense starting a war between your magical creatures.

Look at this gorgeous fairy wind chime/suncatcher. Every little touch goes a long way into making your space feel special!

Make sure your space is ready for a fun evening garden party with some creative lighting choices!

This Star Wars outdoor lantern is just vaguely nerdy with its Death Star battle cutouts. Truly the definition of Geek Chic!

And this one has more of a cottage vibe with a cute AT-AT design!

For my fellow nerdy gamers, we can still enjoy our favorite past time while getting some fresh air in the great outdoors!

Giant Yahtzee gives you the opportunity to roll giant dice in the grass!

While this giant game of Connect Four is fun for the whole family!

Finally, a geeky backyard wonderland wouldn’t be complete without some sweet tech!

Ratchet up the ambience and add some music to your outdoor living space with this adorable Harry Potter outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

And for your next movie night marathon, why not set up under the stars with a large bedsheet and a mini outdoor projector?

Remember, your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and should reflect your unique interests and personality!

Now get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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