Valentines Wishlist: A Nerdy Take on Traditional Favorites

Happy February! The month of heart shaped boxes of chocolates and giant stuffed teddy bears is upon us! But before you run out and buy your significant other a traditional Valentines gift, take a look at Dice Mom’s approved list of geeky alternatives! Feel free to click on the handy links below.

The nerd you love will thank you!

Valentines Day Card

The card isle in every retail store is now stocked to the brim with valentines cards of every shape and size. While it is fun to receive a card from someone you love, it quickly becomes a game of “okay… now what do I do with this?”. If I’m being honest, most of my cards either end up in a random drawer somewhere or in the recycling bin.

What I love about these pop up oragami cards are that they are both a card and a tiny work of art! They can be proudly displayed on a shelf and enjoyed long after the holiday is over.

And there are so many to chose from! This snitch is so dainty and pretty. It would look beautiful on your bookshelf next to your Harry Potter book collection.

Stuffed Animal

Why get a plain old bear holding a boring old heart, when you could get something unique!

This anatomical heart stuffy is so cheeky and nerdy, and it’s adorable too!

Or why not find something from their favorite fandom? I ask you, what DnD player wouldn’t want a giant stuffed D20?


Sharing a bottle of Champaign is a classic Valentines tradition. Make it extra special with these beautiful Star Wars inspired Champaign flutes!

Cuddling Favorites

Since we are still taking COVID precautions, make your time together special, even if its just at home!

For the coffee or tea lover:

For keeping his feet warm on a cold February evening in Valentine red:

For snuggling together while watching your favorite movie:


Other than… you know… the obvious… here are some fun ideas for gamer couples!

I am so excited to play this DnD module crafted for couples to play together! It comes in 3.5 Edition or Pathfinder. You and your partner take turns being a player or the DM. Dice willing, your characters can even fall in love and end up together in the end. Cheesy? Absolutely. But I love cheesy!

This little card game is called Medium and it is so much fun. You and your partner each put down a card. After counting down from 3, you each say the first word that comes to mind at the same time. For example, I put down “Rose” and he puts down “Heart”. We count down and shout out our answers. Are your minds in sync? Or does he say “Valentines Day” while you say “Titanic”? Hilarity will most definitely ensue! I was in tears!! This game can also be played with big groups, so it is a great one to have around!


I love this dainty little dinosaur necklace. The heart screams Valentines gift, but I would rock this all year long.

For the fella who likes jewelry too, this Legend of Zelda ring is the definition of geek chic. I love that you also get a free custom engraving with it, so you can personalize it to make the piece extra special for your Valentine!


You can’t have a proper Valentines Day celebration without something sweet to eat!

I’ll be sharing some nerdy baking recipes this month, so stay tuned!!

But, if you’re not the baking type, this Harry Potter candy giftbox is a gift right out of Diagon Alley and will make your special witch or wizard swoon!


Okay, I’m not going to have the “are real flowers a waste of money” debate. Because, if your partner likes them, then you should go for it.

But if you are looking for a fun nerdy alternative, These lego flowers are absolutely gorgeous. They last forever and will be a favorite piece of decor for years to come.

What’s the best part? You have to put them together for your partner ahead of time, so it is something you took the time to make for them. Which, in my opinion, makes them infinitely more special.

At a Harry Potter Event last Valentines Day

I hope you feel inspired to really dig deep this year and find something truly meaningful for the special person in your life. We’ve all been through a lot this year, and its so important to take a moment to see and appreciate those around us!

Or, maybe, you found something that you can treat yourself with! Because self care is just as important as caring for a partner.

Either way, I wish you lots of love for your Valentines Day!

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