Dungeons and Dragons Date Night

If you browsed my list earlier this month of nerdy Valentines Day gift ideas, you may have seen this DnD module from Amazon:

Date Night Dungeons: A Couple’s Adventure Module is a 3rd party adventure that can be played in either the 3.5 Version of Dungeons and Dragons or in Pathfinder Version 1.

I purchased the module in the Pathfinder compatible version since that is the system we are most versed in. However, they do say in the description that they will soon be releasing it in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition as well.

So, what is Date Night Dungeons?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made my purchase, but it seemed like a fun way for my husband and I to play DnD on nights when we aren’t able to get together with a group of friends to play.

The Module is entitled “Rescue of the Blackthorn Clan” and is made for two level 4 characters. The characters are premade, so that part is already done for you. You and your partner can choose between the Ranger or the Wizard.

The writers point out that while the ranger is written as a man, and the wizard as a woman, the genders and sexual orientations of the characters are fluid.

This module starts off like any other module you may have played. A plot, a mystery villain, and a kidnapping sets the scene for immediate immersion.

The book is a 4 part series that includes full color maps and lots of cool handouts.

You and your partner can choose how to divvy up the Dungeon Master roll. One person can DM the entire game, or you can split it up and take turns on each part.

The module is written so that DMing one section will not spoil the secrets you uncover in the next as long as you don’t read ahead.

So, where does the date night come in, you ask?

The creators of Date Night Dungeons have added their own homebrew rules to the basic Pathfinder/DnD format. This novel “romance” system allows the two characters to (hopefully) fall in love, dice willing.

The two new character attributes that you will need to keep track of are “Turn Ons” and “Pet Peeves”. These are listed in a table that you can either roll on, or choose from, depending on your play style. We decided to roll for them to make things interesting!

You will then roll for your First Impressions each other. Depending on your roll, your character may distain the other, feel indifferent about them, or already have a little crush.

You will keep these attributes a secret from the other player. They, and their character, will have to get to know your character as you play!

For example, if one of your Turn Ons is “someone with a sense of humor”, then every time the other player/character makes you/your character laugh, you will roll to add to your “Attraction Points”.

If, on the other hand, you have “someone who is incompetent” as a Pet Peeve, then every time they fail a skill check by 5 or more, you will roll to subtract from your “Attraction Points.”

The farther away from zero your Attraction Points climb, or dip, the stronger your feeling are for the other PC, whether positive or negative.

There are other ways during combat to add and subtract from Attraction Points as well, such as scoring a critical hit or slaying an enemy.

You can also trade 5 positive or negative Attraction Points to roll another random Turn On or Pet Peeve. This makes it easier to add or subtract points more quickly and adds more dimension to your characters and your roll play.

Other than that, the module plays out like any other. In fact, you could ignore the romance rules all together and just play it as a standard two player DnD game.

On the other hand, if you wanted to lean into the romance side, there is an extra credit point system for acting out “displays of affection” in real life! (If you call that your character reaches out to hold the other’s hand, you would do the same, etc.)

It can feel cheesy at first, but it was actually really fun, and we laughed a lot! Especially because my character fell head over heals FAST for the handsome ranger, and he is still pretty indifferent about me.

Whether or not your characters fall in love depends, like everything in DnD, on a roll of the dice.

So, may the dice be ever in your favor, and may you find love in unexpected places!

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