Sembian Honey-Glazed Rothe Ribs

Here is another decadent recipe from this month’s featured cookbook Heroes’ Feast: The Official Dungeons and Dragons Cookbook. If you haven’t picked up your copy already, follow the link below so you can get more amazing recipes like this one! When I think of ribs, I normally think of hot summer days, and ice coldContinue reading “Sembian Honey-Glazed Rothe Ribs”

Hero Forge Minis: Creating the Characters You Love

My Dice Mom custom Hero Forge mini came in a perfect little cube shaped box on my front porch, and I couldn’t wait to lay eyes on her. I had chosen everything. Her clothes, her face, her hair, her accessories. She was beautiful. And she was me. Unique. One of a kind. Badass. If youContinue reading “Hero Forge Minis: Creating the Characters You Love”

Apple Cinnamon Baby Yoda Ornaments

Its time to make some ornaments! We decided to make these because: 1. We are obsessed with baby Yoda. (I mean… who isn’t??) 2. They smell AMAZING! and 3. It was super easy and fun for our 6 year old to make for her teachers and family members. We made apple cinnamon ornaments last yearContinue reading “Apple Cinnamon Baby Yoda Ornaments”

Must-Have Stocking Stuffers for the Nerds You Love

I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoyed transforming my house this weekend into my own little Christmas wonderland. Pulling out all my daughter’s ornaments she has made, seeing my Doctor Who Christmas stocking, shaking my Star Wars snow globe… the whole thing just brightened the house right up! And after being stuckContinue reading “Must-Have Stocking Stuffers for the Nerds You Love”

A Thanksgiving “Simon Says” Game!

Looking for a way to get out that pent up energy while everyone is home this weekend? Check out Dice Mom’s FREE DOWNLOAD of “Turkey Says”. It is a Thanksgiving themed Simon Says game that will have everyone moving and giggling! Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving from the Dice Mom family to yours!

Preschoolers and Board Games: Getting Started

The kids are home for a long Thanksgiving weekend, so I thought it was the perfect time to talk about BOARD GAMES!! We are a board gaming family. We go to board game conventions. We have board gaming marathons, and our board game collection has gotten a little out of hand. If you are newContinue reading “Preschoolers and Board Games: Getting Started”

Origins of the Horn of Plenty: A Learning Activity for Kids

Like many of you, we are Remote Learning this school year, which means coming up with lots of supplemental learning materials to fill the school day. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I prepared an afternoon around the iconic Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia. You might not know this, but the Cornucopia actually comes fromContinue reading “Origins of the Horn of Plenty: A Learning Activity for Kids”

Surviving the Pandemic: Holiday Edition

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have been working on a series for you entitled “Don’t make it normal, make it EPIC” where we talk about ways to make the holidays special during the pandemic. I was going to work on one of those posts for you today. But IContinue reading “Surviving the Pandemic: Holiday Edition”

Start Your First Writing Project Today

November is “National Novel Writing Month”. Here at Dice Mom, we are celebrating by writing our first Dungeons and Dragons adventure! (COMING SOON) If you are a novice writer, the thought of writing an entire novel can easily feel daunting and intimidating. I feel you! But have no fear! If you are reading this, youContinue reading “Start Your First Writing Project Today”