Easy Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Hello spring!!! If you are looking for a gorgeous and simple Sunday brunch recipe for your Easter celebration, I have the perfect thing for you to try! This recipe is found in Heroes’ Feast: The Official DND Cookbook, which as my regular subscribers know is one of my favorite, go to recipe books for allContinue reading “Easy Bacon Wrapped Asparagus”

Quith-Pa: The Perfect Vegan Snack!

Following up on our review of Heroes’ Feast: The Official DnD Cookbook I wanted to find us a healthy recipe to fit in with our Respawn Point theme for January. If you remember, we are taking the month of January to talk about geeky ways to introduce healthy habits for the new year! Here isContinue reading “Quith-Pa: The Perfect Vegan Snack!”

Sembian Honey-Glazed Rothe Ribs

Here is another decadent recipe from this month’s featured cookbook Heroes’ Feast: The Official Dungeons and Dragons Cookbook. If you haven’t picked up your copy already, follow the link below so you can get more amazing recipes like this one! When I think of ribs, I normally think of hot summer days, and ice coldContinue reading “Sembian Honey-Glazed Rothe Ribs”