Hero Forge Minis: Creating the Characters You Love

My Dice Mom custom Hero Forge mini came in a perfect little cube shaped box on my front porch, and I couldn’t wait to lay eyes on her. I had chosen everything. Her clothes, her face, her hair, her accessories. She was beautiful. And she was me. Unique. One of a kind. Badass.

If you play DnD, or any other RPG, and have never visited heroforge.com to checked out their custom mini building software, you are in for such a treat!

Dice Mom is not my first mini from them. My first was actually a gift from my brother/Dungeon Master. We were running Curse of Straud (a DnD 5th Edition campaign) when he purchased each of us a Hero Forge mini of our then 5th level characters. Each of us had picked up unique, and sometimes quirky, items and baubles along the way, and each of our minis reflected those things.

It wasn’t just a mini. It was the story of where we had been together.

Whether you are playing in a classic DnD setting like Forgotten Realms, or a modern or post modern setting like Shadowrun, or even the Old West or Victorian England, the outfit choices and combinations are virtually endless!

I cannot stress this enough: there are so many character options! You have 44 races to chose from including all the player races and many monster races as well. You can also make most human-like races with slight modifications like horns or vampire fangs.

These minis also come with a variety of poses and facial expressions to really bring out your character’s personality!

If you are like me, you have spent hours online or in your local game store perusing for the perfect mini to match your new character. However, the choices available will never be exactly what you had envisioned. This program is the absolute best way to make those characters who are so unique that finding a premade mini just won’t cut it.

When I went to create Dice Mom, Hero Forge had added the new color option to their site, allowing you to create and purchase your mini in full color.

As much as I enjoy painting my own minis in real life, I wanted to try this new feature out myself. Because, lets face it, the thought of trying to paint, and then messing up on, a $40 mini is absolutely terrifying!

The color turned out really nice. The fill is even and the color doesn’t bleed over into areas its not supposed to (like so many sloppy pre-painted minis you get from the store). There isn’t much in the way of detail work. The face doesn’t have painted eyes, and shading is minimal. However, for a “pull out of the box” painted mini, it is very well done.

These special little minis make great Christmas or Birthday gifts for your friends! You can make a mini of their character in your campaign, like my brother. Or, you can make a mini of THEM, like I did with Dice Mom. Either way, the DnD player in your life will absolutely adore it.

One day soon, we will dust off those minis and dice bags. We will all be able to gather and play in person again, whether in our homes or in our favorite little Main Street game store. Until then, as always, safe adventuring, my friends. And be well.

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