Must-Have Stocking Stuffers for the Nerds You Love

I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoyed transforming my house this weekend into my own little Christmas wonderland. Pulling out all my daughter’s ornaments she has made, seeing my Doctor Who Christmas stocking, shaking my Star Wars snow globe… the whole thing just brightened the house right up! And after being stuck in for weeks now… boy did we need it!

Like many of you, we also sat down to write our Christmas shopping list. Then we got online to try and get as much done from home as possible!

So, if you have a special nerdy friend or family member in your life and need some fresh ideas for holiday shopping for this year, I’m here to get you started!

With Cyber Monday upon us, snuggle into your favorite Christmas sweater, make a piping hot cup of hot coco, and settle in! Here are my top 20 favorite geeky stocking stuffers from Amazon!

The Dungeons and Dragons Player

This gorgeous piece of jewelry is perfect for the Gamer Girl in your life! I have one of these, and it’s so fun to switch out the d20 to coordinate with different outfits!

Does anyone NEED a d100 die? No. No, they don’t. But who wouldn’t love to have this baby in their stocking??? It’s just so cool.

I love this classy looking dice bag. It also doubles as a dice tray, to save your table from all that rolling!

And for that special Dungeon Master in your life that already owns every DnD thing imaginable, these funny little coasters will be a fun addition to their gaming space.

The Star Wars Enthusiast

If you know someone who can’t stop talking about the new show The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, (and we all do), these little guys are the perfect desk accessory.

And what is a perfectly stuffed stocking without a pair of adorable socks? These guys are unisex, so you can grab them for anyone!

This salt and pepper shaker set is so vaguely nerdy, that you might not even notice they come together to form the Death Star! So chic!

The Marvel Fan

What is cooler than Deadpool wielding candy cane daggers. Nothing. The answer is nothing.

You can never have too many refrigerator magnets. And look at these little guys! Look at tiny Nick Fury! They’re so cute!

The Hobbit

This beautifully engraved bookmark is the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life.

The tree of Gondor is one of the most elegant symbols of the Lord of The Rings and Hobbit universe. This stopper is a very classy gift for your wine drinking friends!

And for that special lady elf in your life, Arwen’s necklace will absolutely enchant her.

The Gamer

These metal Legend of Zelda coaster are so gorgeous, most guests won’t even realize they’re from a video game!

This adorable Minecraft Redstone Ore statue is just tiny enough to fit in a stocking and it glows… just like in the game!

If they own a Nintendo Switch, I guarantee you there is a game out there that they want to buy. A gift card may not seem personal enough to give as a full on gift, but it makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

For a more practical gift, consider a pair of Blue Light Filter Glasses. They’re the perfect accessory for anyone who stares at screens for any length of time!

The Sci Fi Nerd

We are huge fans of tiny notebooks in our house, so when I saw this Star Trek Captain’s log tiny notebook, I knew it would be a big hit!

It’s everyone’s favorite character from Adventure Time, BMO! This cute mousepad will roll up nicely to stuff inside a stocking!

I have a good feeling that masks will be the “go to” stocking stuffer this year. Let’s face it, the ones we have been using are getting a little worn out. So why let their geek flag fly! This Doctor Who mask is not only nerdy, but it’s actually really pretty too!

For my X-Files fans (I know you’re out there), this classic little cuff bracelet is just a touch of nerdy and a whole lot of chic!

I hope this list gets you excited to shop for those amazing, nerdy people in your life! Don’t forget to head back to for all of your geeky Christmas inspiration needs!

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