“How To Train Your Dragon” Kids Bedroom Inspiration

Since we couldn’t have a birthday party this year (thanks again, Covid), we decided to take the money we would normally spend on renting a venue, and food, and all of that stuff, and put it towards redecorating our daughter’s bedroom.

We told her she could do it however she wanted! Since she was turning 7, she was getting away from the “baby” looking stuff, and wanted a room that reflected her new “big girl” persona.

After very little deliberation, she knew exactly what she wanted. A “Toothless” bedroom.

Toothless is the main dragon from the show. He is all black, very cute, and is basically a mix between a hyper puppy and a silly kitty. And he can fly and shoot energy out of his mouth.

Basically the perfect animal to a 7 year old.

So we went about finding ways to transform her room into the town of Burk, and her décor into an homage to dragons.

I found it challenging to find enough “How To Train Your Dragon” merch, so we had to get creative. If you are reading this, maybe you are having the same problem!

First, we let her pick the paint color. She wanted “Toothless eye green”. So, we packed up our stuffed Toothless and headed to the paint store.

We ended up getting a Valspar paint called “Parakeet Green”. It is a nice, warm, avacado green color that really brought the space to life!

We then went on Amazon to get some merchandise. Here are some of my favorite pieces we picked out.

I really love a tapestry. Its a great way to make an accent wall without the time and commitment!

This Viking helmet light was my favorite find. It was the most expensive piece we bought, but man, was it worth it! The light is metal and very sturdy. Be warned, though, the light the bulbs can get very hot. To avoid future injuries, I’d recommend replacing them with LED lights.

Since we love a good LARP, my daughter was all about picking out a foam axe to add to the room! We hung it with a leather strap so that she can take it down and play with it when she wants to! A toy and cute decor, win/win!

For curtains we went a little more abstract. Our Toothless is a “Night Fury” so we did a starry sky. I love these because they are also black out curtains. They work pretty well at helping kids sleep in on Sunday Morning!

Details matter! This lightswitch cover featuring a Viking longboat was a small purchase, but it ties in so nicely with the curtains and gives the room a little something extra!

This toothless nightlight pillow was a gift for her birthday from her grandma, and she absolutely loves it. The batteries run out pretty quick, but thankfully you can set it to turn off on its own after an hour or so.

We interspersed these purchases with some of our own personal items. The dragon pop up book above her piano was my brother’s when he was a kid. The dragon origami was a Love Pop card my husband got me for our anniversary! And the How To Train Your Dragon box set was a birthday present.

The electric ball that she bought with her chore money ages ago looks just like the energy blast toothless shoots out of his mouth!

Finally, a couple unique gifts and purchases from Etsy, or another small vendor, really make the room feel special, and not just store bought.

We found a Toothless piggy bank on Etsy, and friends of ours purchased this hand made picture of Toothless and the Light Fury.

A kid’s room is their sanctuary. A place that they can call their own in a world that can be so confusing, and loud, and challenging. Their bedroom is their safe space.

They can read, they can color, they can watch their favorite shows, they can even just take time to breathe.

So, I hope that you and your kids now feel inspired to go out and create the perfect space that reflects the amazing person they are!

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