Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. And why shouldn’t it be? It is the cosplaying holiday after all! So, you can imagine my utter disappointment when we decided we wouldn’t be trick or treating this year. However, any soul with a truly black heart, a chest cavity of cobwebs and a taste for all that is spooky and pumpkin flavored can tell you that the true spirit of Halloween isn’t the parties or the knocking on doors… it’s the candy!

With that in mind, my brother and I set out on a mission to create the most epic Halloween Scavenger Hunt of all time!

We started with clue card design. The inspiration for our clue cards came from old Puritan headstones. I mean… look at these things. They’re both gorgeous and terrifying!


Once we had our idea cemented, we used a free Image Manipulation Program called Gimp to create our own little work of art!

Are you a fan of our design? I hope so! If you would like to use it to make a spooky scavenger hunt of your very own, just click the link below!


Now for some clues! Here are the ones that we used for the house scavenger hunt.

  • “When you’re feeling hungry, and want something that you crave, to cook it in a hurry, you’ll use the ______________.” (Answer: Microwave)
  • “Some say I start off as a bean, and then I have to be ground. I only need a little brewing, then inside mom’s mug I’m found.” (Answer: Coffee by the Keurig)
  • “This place is in your house. It’s where your coats you might deposit. It’s good for storing boots and things, and we call this place a __________.” (Answer: Closet)
  • “I’m a three letter word, that takes your dad pretty far. I have four rubber wheels, and he calls me his favorite _____.” (Answer: Car)
  • “If there is a show you love, and candy hunting is your mission, grab your remote and look behind a big screen called a ___________.” (Answer: Television)
  • “I look just like a mannequin, but I’m a small plastic affair. I come with clothes and accessories, so you can choose what I should wear. Sometimes I have a sword, for bad guys that do hassle. There is one thing I know for sure! There’s candy behind this ___________.” (Answer: Barbie Castle)
  • “In a place you keep what’s written, be it fairy tale, myth, or song. I can house a short story, or many novels that are long.” (Answer: Bookshelf)
  • “When your mom and dad are tired, and off to bed they go, the place they lay their head is their lovely, soft, __________.” (Answer: Bed)
  • “A house has one front and back. A car usually has four. If it’s candy you are seeking, check outside the back _________.” (Answer: Door)
  • “This might get filled with water, so that you can have a drink. We can use it to wash the dishes. We call this thing a ________.” (Answer: Sink)
  • “When all your clothes are dirty, you need to get them clean. You fill this with detergent. Its called a washing _____________.” (Answer: Machine)
  • “You’ll need to ask a grown up to look inside this space. If you want to make s’mores at home, then you need a _________________.” (Answer: Fireplace)
  • “Look for a piece of furniture, on which you might choose to slouch. You can find it in your living room. This seat is called a ___________.” (Answer: Couch)
  • “The answer to this riddle, is where you lay your head. But the answer isn’t a pillow. Instead it’s under your __________.” (Answer: Bed)
  • “There is a part of your house, where something can be flushed. Check the place you wash yourself, and where your teeth get brushed.” (Answer: Bathroom)
  • “I am something in your kitchen, there’s lots of food I hold. The reason you keep them inside me is because I can help keep them cold! What am I?” (Answer: Refrigerator)
  • “I am a household item, which is used to sweep inside. I’m also a mode of transport when witches need a ride!” (Answer: Broom Closet)

You can use your free Google Doc above to customize your headstone cards for any location!

I look forward to posting pictures of our big scavenger hunt this year. We have added a few extra surprises to ours, including black light ink clues, a puzzle, and a Wizard’s horde for the grand finale! The wizard’s horde consists of things like: Crystal Rock Candy, Chocolate Coins, Candy Bracelets, and Ring Pops and will be hidden inside a box that looks like a stack of books.

I hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween. Things may be unconventional this year, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Let this be the year your kids talk about with excitement when they are grown-ups reminiscing about the holidays of their childhood. If we can’t make Halloween “normal” this year, lets make it EPIC!

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