Kamala Harris: Shattering The Glass Ceiling

Its inauguration day.

Thank you, Kamala Harris.

You may not agree with her politics. Sure, there are many policy debates to be had. A multitude of issues to address and vote on.

But today, this day, my daughter watched a woman become the Vice-President of the United States.

That glass ceiling has finally been shattered.

Today we watch the glass rain down in sparkling brilliance. Women cheer together with pride.

Not just for her.

But for those women who were cut, and bled, and fought for every small crack in that glass.

Women who never gave up.

Who looked around their world and saw no female scientists, no female doctors, no female politicians and thought-“Why the hell not?”

Because of them, that burden, that ceiling, has been lifted off of the heads of my daughter and her generation.

They will grow up learning about the woman who works in the White House.

It will be so incredibly ordinary for them. So stunningly normal. So amazingly commonplace.

I can’t help but tear up as she practices giving political speeches on her karaoke machine.

These little girls will have their own work to do. Their generation will pick up the fight.

Because the fight goes on.

But today… this day, we stand with Vice President Kamala Harris, and we climb through that broken glass together.

We rise above it and close our eyes, breathing in the fresh air.

The sun shines on womankind.

A blue sky of limitless possibilities.

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